Updating thunderbird portable

I though it didn't support updating via the help menu like you do with a normal version of Thunderbird, you just installed a new copy of Thunderbird Portable right over your old one. The 3.1.10 version feature that pull in all reply message together slows me down when closing the email. However, I don't understand what you mean by "feature that pull in all reply message together slows me down when closing the email.While I was using my Thunderbird email in my USB drive, I have a pop-up message from Mozilla asking me to update the Thunderbird email. I have to close one at a time." Perhaps you didn't configure it to reuse the window when reading the next message in tools -Thank you for your continuing support.There doesn't seem to be any portable TB 1.5 release available yet, except RC1. T-Bird NNTP reader doesn't really update Maybe it's me. I have Thunderbird set to check GRC new group every 5 minutes. I sit here looking at and responding to email in various "Lists" located physically above the GRC newsgroup.I guess there might be one coming up, but haven't seen any indications to when. be well adviced to just go get the 1.5 RC1 and update it to the release version from there? I never see 2's and 4's and 1's to the right of, for example, grc.techtalk or ...Typically, portable applications go hand in hand with flash/thumb/pen/USB drives, but this is not a requirement.You can run portable applications off your C drive or any internal hard disk partition. While portability is the prominent, public, sexy feature, to me, being able to backup an application is just as important, if not more so.

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The flip side, uninstalling, is another advantage of portable applications. In contrast, it can be next to impossible to erase all traces of a normally installed Windows application.

When I access the email, it started indexing and it displayed "not responding".

I have a feeling that my problem is because I have too many email (11,000) in my inbox. I did not pay attention if Thunderbird has the archiving capability.

Ubuntu has changed the way this works as follows: Instead of: /media/drivename/ In 12.10 it's: /media/username/drivename/ Which means I had to manually edit every folder location in my Thunderbird settings.

After I updated my Thunderbird to 3.1.10, I experienced the following problems.1. I had to terminate the email and went back on again.2. Please help I am relying on the portable email applictaion. I suggest you re-install 3.1.10 from Portable Apps and uncheck the option to check for updates to Thunderbird in tools -Thanks for your advice. Anyways the version on your USB drive is independent of whatever may be installed on your portable.


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