Intimidating dog meme

After all, Putin served as a KGB officer in Germany from 1985 to 1990.So they work together often — although not always smoothly."When Putin and Merkel meet, they sometimes speak in German (he’s better in her language than she is in his), and Putin corrects his own interpreter to let Merkel know that nothing is lost on him," George Packer of The New Yorker writes in a profile of Merkel."Putin’s brand of macho elicits in Merkel a kind of scientific empathy."As the dog approached and sniffed her, Merkel froze, visibly frightened.Oakman slips on a white tank top and enters the pizza parlor as Duke, Daisy and 75-pound Dame follow closely behind, eventually curling up in a corner while he eats a calzone.Oakman takes the dogs—and often his ball python, Baloo—with him everywhere.

These memes are also great to use as reaction images in comment sections!So I was kind of repenting," Depp said Monday, trying not to smirk. Dogs help you eat your food, they keep your shoe population under control, they teach you to watch where you step and they let you know when someone comes within a 5km radius of your house at 3am. When a dog is happy or just chillin’, their muscles are relaxed and their tail and ears are held naturally.It can be confusing if the dog starts growling or making high pitched barks, but keep an eye on the tail- if it’s wagging (and they occasionally let the poor human win) its still play.A scared dog tries to look as small as possible with a hunched body and the tail held low or between the legs.Oakman chuckles about the memes and the nation's ever-growing obsession with his physique.


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