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While the story has since been amended, we apologise for any distress caused to Ms Armytage or readers more generally.Johannesburg - The two young men sentenced to life in jail for killing their three relatives, including a baby girl, apologised to their grandmother shortly before making their way back to the holding cells on Wednesday.“Siyaxolisa Gogo,” 18-year-old Ben Ramokgatla told Thembi Letswalo, who left her seat in the gallery in the High Court in Palm Ridge, to try and comfort them after Judge Papi Masopa told them they had been sentenced to life in jail.Ramokgatla and his cousin Mthunzi Ramokgatla, 22, were each sentenced to three life terms for three counts of murder, to seven years each for robbery with aggravating circumstances, and to 15 years each for attempted murder.

In "The Choices" and "The Cycle", when she is shown at a younger age, she has slightly less wrinkles and black eyebrows, and she wears a yellow collared dress with a light brown vest. Online research on the subject later in the day suggested that the reason the grandma scam works is that grandparents are desperate to hear from their deadbeat grandkids, regardless of the excuse. But my other burning question about "Timmy" was: how did he get my number? Is there a list of grandmas you can buy on the internet at This script was right out of the AARP Senior Scam Playbook. My one shot at grandma scamdom and I get an old woman, she has wrinkled lips, saggy breasts (similar to Miss Simian, making them some of the few female characters on the show to have breasts), and crow's feet on the skin around her eyes (though her crow's feet could just be eyelashes). In Season 1 she wears a beige polka-dotted dress with a white collar and sleeve cuffs, and white socks with black shoe, and she has 3 black whiskers on each cheek and straight ears, both of which resemble Richard's.In Season 2, she wears a plain beige dress with white sleeve cuffs and she keeps her original footwear.They drowned Movit's baby girl, Bokamoso Skhumbuzo Movit, and put their bodies in a bathtub filled with hot water.


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