Crazy speed dating

Has your newly found love invited you for a second date? Moreover, the concept of dating is largely considered as the best means to identify one’s suitability of getting along with each other as life partners.

Dating, these days, has become an important part of life which plays a vital role in either shaping many sweet relationships or turning them sour.

That’s why the folks at Nerd Nite London and Science Showoff have chosen this date to hold their first ever Speed Dating event, providing smart, interesting nerdy men and women with a chance to meet the one.

Yes, speed dating where you cut holes out of a bag for your eyes and mouth and put it over your head. Loveflutter, the dating app for “quirky” people, is organizing these events.

Loveflutter requires users to come up with a 140-character statement about yourself that’s “quirky” (God, I hate that word) and presents that statement as your profile image before revealing your photo.

So, set the mood of your dating and have a rocking-n-rolling time!

Several times a week, I think to myself, “Oh, thank goodness I’m not single anymore.” Today’s edition: Brown bag speed dating.


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