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Palmer Luckey, the Rift's 23-year-old visionary creator in flip-flops, is giving me an exclusive glimpse into the VR future at Facebook, which bought his startup in 2014 for billion, landing Luckey on ' list of America's richest entrepreneurs under 40.

For Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Luckey and his crew are bringing the ultimate sci-fi fantasy to life.

Whether it was true or not, the motive most often cited was more exciting sex in competition with less passionate intimacy in their primary relationship.

When women strayed, they more often picked someone they had known for a while who was available for a romantic relationship in concert with the sexual outlet.

"Oculus' mission," Zuckerberg stated shortly after the purchase, "is to enable you to experience the impossible." VR makes the impossible possible by tricking your eyes, and brain, into thinking you're someplace else.

different, does my spouse's involvement with cybersex give me grounds for divorce?

Many of these affairs ended up significantly threatening the committed relationship.

Also, the outside individuals willing to participate in the triangle had goals of their own which often emerged in unwelcome ways and at unpredictable times.

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But now, in Oculus' dozens of "experiences," as the company dubs them, you can live out your guitar-god dreams in Rock Band VR, float weightless in deep outer space in Adrift or hack through -like computer nodes in Darknet.

In each of these, you're not just playing, you're transported.

The experience, which teleports me to a jagged cliff in a virtual world spanning 50 square miles, is so realistic that I can barely look down – when I do, my knees buckle and my palms sweat.

Finally, my brain has to interrupt: In the past, heavy headsets, chunky graphics and sluggish latency have hindered the suspension of disbelief in virtual reality.


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