Cam fuck

Killa We did it again, y'all don't fuck wit us Suck a dick man, aiyyo Jones, what's good? Aiyyo I got my man Kay Slay up in the house Harlem, you know what it is, what's good?[Kay Slay] You know how we get down, East side, El BARRIO [Cam'Ron] El Barrio up in this bitch, aiyyo Kay This bitch blowing up my motherfuckin phone right now Man, fuck' hold up, hol', yo man [Kay Slay] Yo son [Cam'Ron] What's good?

[Verse 1: Cam Meekins] I used to wake up in the morning get dressed look in the mirror But I threw away the mirror and now I see a little clearer It ain't about what I can't get It is about the fact that I can't let some people get me down cause they the shit Because what is going on, when they are going to sleep Atleast I got the oppurtunity to love what I can be Man I ain't perfect, I got insecurities I'm just a thinker and that lonely guy you might see on the tee(yeah) I live my life a little off-center from the norm I ain't going to lie I'd rather sit in a Starbucks then go on tour I'd rather make my own beats then rap on some other dudes production I'm honest with my sounds, they ain't going to drop me so fuck it I'd rather call my girl on a cellphone than call my girl a bitch I wish I had a girl to write this song with (damn) I'm being honest man, I hope my life works out But there ain't nothing I can do So I just drive around and shout like, I just drive around and shout like [Hook x2] She say why you gotta be so serious? And why do we all sit like we don't give a fuck When truthfully we all do [Verse 2: Cam Meekins] I'm not a rapper and I'm not a college rapper I am truthfully too stubborn to sit and listen to a lecture They said I didn't apply myself So when the time came around to apply, I didn't apply myself My flow is a little unconventiontal at times I still got spirit Also I might just have spilled some coffee on my lyrics I like photography and pretty girls I like to sit in circles, I like to talk and I like to think about the world I like to think my analytics makes some sense to all the critiques It must be hard to make an album when all you talk about is bitches I'd rather spit what is on my mind at one particular time, I guess that time is now so hey what's up ma?COOPERSTOWN, NY—Ensuring that a treasured piece of the game’s history will be forever preserved for future generations of fans, representatives of the National Baseball Hall of Fame confirmed Friday that retired third baseman Alex Rodriguez recently donated million of his earnings to be displayed inside a glass case in their museum.CHARLOTTE, NC—Saying it has already become a fixture in his daily routine, local 27-year-old Greg Weise installed a home pull-up bar to absentmindedly tap while passing through the hallway, sources confirmed Tuesday.You might be interested in learning about mankind’s recent desire to mix sexual pleasure with, well..basically everything, from daily routines to random, casual habits.Sluts Never could really relate to us But the pretty ones always stuck up They won't shut up I hate parties when all the kids get drunk Unless I'm partaking Then I'll be the first one to pass out and do something stupid And wake up on the ground naked I'm shaking Thinking my whole life is like bacon, overcooked Why all the great rappers is overlooked Why am I scared to live if I'm really just a small piece Why do you care the least But sometimes care the most and share a lease With someone where the rent's cheap And live your whole life wondering if you dared to speak what's on your mind you might love yourself more If you hate where you're at but you go nowhere, then that problem is yours Think you might drown in your thoughts Better learn mind control Because even when the times get hard you can still be positive, but god damn it you guys keep texting me on some bullshit I don't want to hear it Trying to get weird like Kanye did in '09 I need the spirit, oh my But I still ride around getting high just to see what's on my mind I don't really know When your shit's going nowhere, where the fuck do you go?


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