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We're the dating and relationship coaches you know and love over at X & Y Communications. Joining us this time are Stephen and Theresa from Ownstream, who do a lot of thinking about this important subject.

Join us for the most heartfelt and action-packed dating podcast on planet Earth. What's the difference betwe How do we go this many episodes without covering this insanely important factor in a healthy relationship?

She is the author of the bestseller, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online and hosts Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert show.

Julie's services include creating IRRESISTIBLE Profiles™ for singles on the dating scene and private relationship coaching.

You can follow her updates and dating tips on Twitter @lizhkelly Linda Sherman (@lindasherman) is a Social Media Marketing Consultant with a solid background in corporate marketing and finance.

She set up Coors Japan and was responsible for creating and executing a unique and successful marketing and sales strategy for ZIMA that is still sustained as a premium brand there today.

During that time, we rewrote her profile, changed her photos, and she re-emerged with an IRRESISTIBLE Profile. I continued to coach Robin after she met the man online whom she married in a romantic beach wedding in Malibu.

Robin never knew she could be this happy and find a relationship that was so effortless.

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Exactly one month before Valentine’s Day, we discussed internet dating trends and how social media is changing the love game online.Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.She also served as a top executive for several cutting edge Internet and communications companies.We’ll share more tips with experts on your Facebook, Twitter and My Space Profiles at the Social Media Club LA event. Kelly (@lizhkelly) is a Relationship Expert, Great Love Reporter for the Ultimate Movie Site and Author of Smart Man Hunting who puts a new spin on relationships with love lessons from Hollywood Movies and Happy Hearts in her Great Life, Great Love series (Http://In her second life, Liz is a PR and Social Media Marketing Consultant, Sunrise Road Media ( who used to work for My Space running their biggest advertising campaigns.Eventually, services like and e started to sprout and appeal to a growing population.


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